ben treston

The changing face of the promo


It has been far too long since updating this blog, but it is only because work has been so astoundingly busy. So busy in fact, that we have needed to expand and take on more people due to the volume of work.

Why so busy? With budgets shrinking, motor manufacturers and teams in poverty and people generally wanting to spend less money, why the upturn?

Quite simply, the face of the promo is changing. The reason we are so busy is that we operate at sensible and reasonable budgets, but also in general, try to keep things engaging for the viewer - who now more than ever is constantly saturated with glossy images and sold to left, right and centre.

People don’t need to see another very expensive glossy car advert, it’s all been done - and viewers take a lot now to be impressed. But also at the same time sending a print reporter with a mobile phone to film is not enough to create something engaging and worth sending to others. Current? Sure. Newsworthy? Maybe. But something that someone is going to watch and then share afterwards - less likely.

It’s this middle ground that is erupting. Last year we did two jobs for a client, one was a higher budget promo using projection, helicopters and super slow mo cameras. The other was for the same car but had an enthusiastic presenter talking around a lap of what the car was like to drive. Nicely filmed and put together, but no jaw dropping visuals. The non-glossy version was viewed triple the glossy version.

People now know when they are being sold to. By stepping back and producing content that does not beat them over the head with the brand, rather simply gently reminds them of it, means the outcome is much more effective.

Busy, and changing, times at present. I’m glad to be in the right spot.