ben treston

The largest small company in the world

Apple's Growing Pains

I have been an Apple tech evangelist in media for the last ten years and originally I had intended to write this post to get very annoyed at a bug in 10.8 Mountain Lion affecting a few users that use network bonding - i.e. Mac Pro users that want to use 10.8 with network link aggregation.

This is a small subset of overall Mac users but the fact the bug was not fixed until 10.8.4 had me riled that this could even be let through QA in one update, let alone three point releases. However in the end, it was patched.

This whole issue made me realize that although Apple is now a tech behemoth - it is still the biggest small company in the world. Although the product lines may have grown and the software releases continue to increment, from sources familiar with internal Apple, the teams remain very small and there is a good reason for this. Brooks Law says that adding more manpower to software does not actually ship or release it any faster - and adding more engineers does not mean a better release either.

So although Apple has a lot on it’s plate, I am not sure they will be recruiting a whole lot more engineers anytime soon - however some more QA might be nice.