ben treston

Total Upheaval


I can’t believe it has been since November that I have updated this blog - so much for keeping content fresh…

Looking back over the previous posts, it has amazed me how so much has changed and up-ended in such a short time - WRC television went from ESPN to nothing at all, F1 is now split between the BBC and Sky and yet work and demand for automotive video content continues to thrive like never before.

There is so much to say on all of the above in individual posts however the irony seems that as a premier motorsport spectator (at least the in the UK) it is now nigh on impossible to watch both premier categories on terrestrial TV. What an enormous retrograde step and surely the teams and manufacturers can’t be overly happy about this situation. With the F1, a lot of people in the know I work with, say that Sky has been spending obscene amounts of money on the coverage compared to the BBC - which is not surprising, however there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the BBC coverage in the first place. Having endless analysis and a 24 hour F1 channel does not an exciting race make, rather simply flog their prize motorsport asset to death.

With the World Rally Championship and the collapse of CSI and North One Sport, this has caused the television coverage to become a piecemeal effort that is now the responsibility of the rallies themselves, which is totally unfair - even though the coverage has been adequate, I now wish for the days of coverage on ESPN, let alone on Dave or even better Channel 4. I take back everything I said right now.

And yet, with the turmoil for your armchair motorsport fan, I am run off my feet with work - the hunger for content still remains, however the majority of work I do is not for a broadcaster, it is direct from manufacturer/team/client to fan or the public.

I imagine the possibilities of the the coverage of the WRC and also F1 given this model - I think it could surprise a lot of people.